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Oriental Weavers was founded in 1979 by one of the leading businessmen and industry Mr. Mohamed Farid Khamis. Trading in the company's shares started on the Egyptian stock exchange since 1997.The Oriental Weavers business was launched through only one Nol at the time of its inception. The company achieved record growth rates which made it the largest entity in the manufacture of mechanical carpets and other printed carpets and printed products, taking advantage of the ancient Egyptian civilization and its huge heritage in the textile and linen industry since about 5 Thousands years BC
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49/5000 8 sharie alshahid zakariaaan khalil, majmae alnsajwn alsharqiuwn 8 El Shaheed Zakareya Khalil St., Oriental Weavers Complex
Phone: 002022685166
Fax: 0020222688447
Mobile: 0020222672121
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Correspondence address: PO Box 2489, Liberty, 11361,
Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
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