Netimpex Textil Company

Logistics distribution organization with hotels and suppliers to European countries are scheduled to deliver duty-free goods. Our company continues to invest according to the need to follow developments in the tourism sector. Turkey's THE WORLD is the only group of companies exporting to 24 countries. With our experience we can continue to serve your preferences and demand. Also playing the Wedding Industry have always decisive in our sector with our knowledge we offer you the new role over 10 years at the highest level. To be a bride; I say yes is the first step towards a new beginning after the other in happiness and long journeys. Dreams, the purity and the lover begins to become real by keeping the promise. Continues to be the most eye-catching in the most special night. Apart from the habit, it is packed with everything from start to finish in a process of innovation, with mixed feelings of happiness, joy and excitement blended. That day, when it comes to beauty bride of his dreams, wishes encounter in real life. Reveblanc is precisely to confront the prospective brides at this point. To realize their dreams, the adoption of a new beginning and this is the beginning of a first step in getirmiştir.reveblanc become all support the vision that they need, to be the starting point for the thousands of stories specific to different dreams, the most beautiful memories become sharers and offer them wedding dress adorning the fall of the bride thought the service concept dönüştürmüştür.reveblanc philosophy, with the power that the fashion, the first of the three main state bulundurmaktadır.bun mind is quite decisive factor in the selection of bridal bride; Reveblanc who will step into a new life bride the wedding dress selection process the request and prospective brides expectations of the bride to meet in the best way by applying free communication support programs to assist with any questions and problems. The second program, to make it look flawless wedding brides with the most appropriate body type are passed to the application for the wedding of your dreams which will be completed in every part of the wedding. Finally, the most important and most decisive point wedding rehearsal and delivery process takes place. Reveblanc this process, the bride candidates aim to provide the guarantee impeccable service itself towards the elimination of all kinds of questions and problems edinmiştir.reveblanc invites his dreams bride to the world the excellent service approach is needed for the transformation of reality.
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Contact Information
Nişantaşı mah. Şehit Ömer Taşer Sokak. A. Office Center Kat: 2 No:10/9 Selçuklu Konya
Phone: 00905533616950
Mobile: 00905533616950
Company Email:
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Person In Charge
Abdulmelik Ahmed
Export Manager
Phone: 00905533616950
Mobile: 00905533616950
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