Albanan custom clearance
Albanan custom clearance ALbanan custom clearance you can find us in all Oman border more...
Nahr Al-Ataa LLC
Nahr Al-Ataa LLC Nahr Al-Ataa Company for trade and international Transportation, in the Syrian Arab Republic in the capital Damascus, was established in 2005 as a limited liability company with a modest-land transport fleet and a humble vision within the trucking business, After initial success and growth and its commitment to the steady and continuing growth process,the Company has adopted the internationally renowned regulations, methods and processes such as: the Global Positioning System (GPS),the developed system in the (ERP) to gain customers' satisfaction in an optimal way. Following a complete corporate restructuring of all jobs, starting from 2014, now the company's establishing and implementing a number of best-practice corporate governance measures applied globally to ensure transparency and accountability and to meet the needs of our investors and shareholders. Today, Nahr Al-Ataa Company for trade and international freight is Syrian Lebanese limited liability company, It is the first provider and leading for trucking services and logistic solutions between Syria and Lebanon. Our company possesses a complete structure in the field of logistic supply, where a fleet of modern trucks, warehouses and stores in major Syrian and Lebanese cities, as well as administrative offices for the management, implementation, monitoring of freight age operations and serving our customers as transporting from Syria to Lebanon daily. We have taken offices in the United Arab Emirates and the Arab Republic of Egypt to meet our aspirations for Entrepreneurship in the Middle East for the management and implementation of transporting from United Arab Emirates to both Syria and Lebanon weekly and the freights is in a continuous increase.Our company staff execute their tasks perfectly to ensure the highest and finest support of their customers' services and dealing with all types of road freight. Our strong and deep business relationships with the hope of returning of our economic vital and strong, along with strong growth in all parts of the Middle East, the floating zone on a sea of ​​the most promising energy riches, give opportunities for marketing and sale of our customers' products. Therewith, our aspirations look brighter than ever, so we call on our customers, business partners, manufacturers, importers, exporters and staff to join us on our journey of entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North of Africa over the coming years. more...
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